We’re walking the talk. Running our business on SAP S/4 HANA.

ConvergentIS running our own business on SAP S/4HANA!

We’re the first company in the world live with SAP S/4 Simple Finance 2/1505, and again the first company in the world to upgrade/convert to S/4HANA 1511, and as of April 2017 we’re running v1610. We are very proud of our team and we have continued to push the limits of SAP technology to run our business simpler, to improve our own clarity, accelerate our velocity, and drive our customers’ success. It's always a challenge to manage internal projects with customer projects as our priority, but in four months we’ve managed to transition from Quickbooks to the latest solution available from SAP — and we’re delighted. Then in 2016, it took just 10 weeks to go from S/4 Finance to S/4HANA 1511 fps1 Enterprise Management.

As a business still in the SME segment, ConvergentIS already has many of the same needs you find in a large enterprise, so we needed a solution that would run the company as fast as we’re growing!

Now that we are live on SAP Simple Finance, the benefit from our investment in a sophisticated system clearly makes sense for a company at any size. SAP Simple Finance provides a quantum leap forward from the small business systems we were using by centralizing and automating our financial processes and allowing us to focus on other areas of the business. Never before has a small fast-growing company had such deep insight into real-time transactions, margin, and cash flow, all while working from a single source of the truth for reporting and financial simulations. It’s critical that we eat our own cooking here at Convergent, we advise our customers that running their business on SAP with HANA and Fiori will help them run simpler so we’re doing that ourselves. It’s just part of how we work as a team around here and we love it!

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Katrina Lee