Day 1 Recap: Lessons Learned and Steps Taken

The interactive video experience at SAPPHIRE NOW.

The ConvergentIS team is in full SAPPHIRE NOW mode, taking in all the sights and sounds that the conference has to offer.

We've been busy attending keynote presentations and sessions, learning about what's new in the world of SAP (it's a lot, and we'll share more on that soon), chatting with current and prospective clients at our booth, and of course, walking to, from, and around the massive Orange County Convention Centre. Did you know it's humid in Florida?

Some of our team members have had the pleasure of attending SAPPHIRE NOW multiple times; for others, it's a brand new experience. Either way, the whole team has been taking personal notes to share with you. Read on for everyone's takeaways — both professionally and personally — and steps taken on the first day of SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Conference.

Alissa Sylvestre

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: The one thing I learned is that Leonardo is made up of pillars including AI, Machine Learning, Block Chain, and IoT. It is part of the intelligent enterprise and suite. There were a couple of quotes from SAP CEO Bill McDermott dealing with the intelligent enterprise that really caught my attention: “technology has never moved faster, and will never move this slow again” and that “we can’t let anxiety of automation stand in the way of digital transformation”.

Steps Taken: 13,610

Brent Freer

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: I guess you could say I was drinking the Kool-Aid, but from the moment we walked in, I was amazed at the sheer scale of the conference, the number and quality of learning opportunities, and the breadth of the SAP product line-up. It was pretty overwhelming, but also really exciting.

On a personal note: After listening to the afternoon keynote presentation where four incredibly inspiring female athletes talk about their journey as professional athletes and their struggle for equality, I walked by the SNP booth and was offered drinks by a girl in a neoprene suit. #longwaytogo

Steps Taken: 21,110


Brad Braun

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: It's always interesting to see how similar companies can solve similar problems in very different ways. I really enjoyed Centerpoint Energy's incident management session and seeing how another company is successfully providing a better UX to improve their EH&S tracking. It's an interesting contrast to the path that led us to FortisAlberta.

On a personal note: I learned that if you're the last one through the door at the Airbnb, you WILL get the kid's room!

Steps Taken: 20,520


Chris Colpitts

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: SAP is leading the charge as a number of cutting-edge technologies (ML, AR/VR, AI) but there are only a handful of companies that have a grasp on the possibilities that these emerging technologies possess (looking through the lens of Alberta/energy sector companies). It is up to SAP and their partners to extol the virtues of these new capabilities and identify real-life scenarios where this technology can be applied.

On a personal note: Kahlúa goes marvellously with chocolate milkshakes. 

Steps Taken: 15,876


Katrina Lee

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: That up until now, I've only understood a fraction of SAP's capabilities. This is my first business trip and first technology conference, and I think it's fair to say I really dove in head-first. In short, I've learned that I have a lot to learn.

On a personal note: You can never have too many layers on. The extremes are... extreme.

Steps Taken: 19,693


Shubh Sidhu

What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: Alissa gives the best SAP Leonardo pitch I have ever heard.

On a personal note: My experience has been generally very positive. However, one thing I’m not a fan of is companies who still believe it's appropriate to bring in scantily clad women to help drive attendance to their booth. It’s disrespectful and certainly a stark contrast to the message being delivered this week regarding gender diversity and balance in the workplace (and beyond). I would be embarrassed to be working for or with an organization that continued to use these tactics in 2018.

Steps Taken: 19,693

Check back tomorrow for more daily updates from the ConvergentIS team!