Day 2 Recap: The race is on!

The first day of SAPPHIRE NOW is busy, but Day 2 always manages to be even busier.

With the conference still abuzz from the excitement of Day 1, momentum continued to build as we learned and interacted with more exhibitors and attendees at SAPPHIRE. We spent even more time in sessions and at our booth, and it shows in our step count — we spent less time walking, and more time talking and listening.

Read on for more about our Day 2 experiences.

Design Thinking interactive session

Design Thinking interactive session


What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: I enjoyed learning new tips and techniques for running Design Thinking sessions and enhancing user experiences.

On a personal note: Proud and inspired to be working with male allies that support women both professionally and personally.

Steps Taken: 9,340



Lesson from Day Two: Whether on the conference floor, at customer-led sessions (way to go Fortis!) or at our client dinner, it was fantastic to spend time with our customers and our partners. Their passion for what they do is contagious! Great Technology + Great People = Success

Steps Taken: 9,354



Lesson from Day Two: I'm liking that SAP is continuing to build momentum around their App Center presence — we've got a lot to offer there and we're sure to be in that marketplace by next SAPPHIRE. 🤞🤞

Steps Taken: 12,355



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: There will be a number of discussions over the coming months with clients/potential clients about the future of SAP Work Manager, Asset Manager, and the new SAP acquisition (Core).

On a personal note: I forgot that Americans pour much bigger shots than us Canadians. 

Steps Taken: 8,925



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: It's not an entirely new lesson per se, but I really solidified my love and appreciation for Design Thinking. I spent most of the day involved in interactive sessions centred around DT and user experience, and I really enjoyed building on those concepts in new ways.

On a personal note: Never underestimate the quietest person at the dinner table. As it turns out, they might party the hardest out of anyone you've ever met. Ever.

Also, the StarFlyer is a 10/10 — I absolutely loved it!

Steps Taken: 11,715



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: The general awareness around SCP in the SAP customer community is growing rapidly. Clients are still looking to understand and fully realize the Leonardo use cases.

On a personal note: $3.99 portable phone chargers are not the most effective piece of electronic hardware.

Steps Taken: 11,531

Check back tomorrow for the last round of daily updates from our team, plus we'll reveal the step count winner!