Day 3 Recap: What do you mean it's time to pack up?

Just like that, the SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Conference is over.

The steps are in and dare I say: we're feeling it. Even the plush carpets in the conference centre can't stop our dogs from barking by the end of the day. Blisters aside, it's been an amazing experience and it's hard to believe it's over.

We've had the pleasure of connecting with both new and familiar faces and have deepened our knowledge of the world of SAP, which we can't wait to share with our clients going forward. For the last time (until next year), here are our takeaways from the final day of SAPPHIRE NOW, as well as the winner of our step count competition!


What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: All the new products and advancements that SAP is making with technology is very exciting. Went to sessions on SAP CoPilot, InScribe, Fiori 3.0, and SAP Cloud Platform. These new technologies are going to be revolutionary with the way we do business in the future.

On a personal note: A Honda Civic is not meant to carry 5 people all over the height of 5'11". However, it did create an opportunity for good team bonding and plenty of laughs!

Steps Taken: 15,581



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: A highlight for me was learning more about SAP’s vision for the Intelligent Enterprise and the role emerging technologies like block chain, IOT, and machine learning play in that.

On a personal note: Avoid flights that leave before 7:00 AM.

Steps Taken: 15,725



Lesson from Day Two: Really enjoyed the opportunity to participate in Tushar and Rishi's presentation on the process they went through to transform Fortis' incident reporting. The engagement with users in the journey mapping and the corresponding success with deployment was fantastic to see!

Steps Taken: 16,592



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: Seeing how other companies have set up their booth has given me a lot of inspiration for next year. Sure, there were a few gimmicks out there but there were also some impressive displays and well-developed strategies for engaging with attendees. I'm proud of how our booth looked, but I'm also really looking forward to taking what I've learned and making improvements for next year.

On a personal note: Two words: Justin Timberlake. Jack King — aka one of the Tennessee Kids — liked my photo on Instagram and I'm pretty sure I gasped audibly. They put on such an incredible show and I am so excited that I get to see them again in November.

Steps Taken: 12,899



What I learned at SAPPHIRE NOW: A major SAPPHIRE highlight for me was presenting with Murali and Anand from Lam Research about SAP Fiori overview pages. [Editor's note: this isn't technically a lesson, but I'll let it stand].

On a personal note: Landing myself an SAP bottle with a speaker in the lid proved very handy. Also, never fly United. [Editor's note: I thought we all learned that in 2017]

Steps Taken: 18,847

The numbers are in for our Fitbit competition:

Alissa Sylvestre | 38,531
Brent Freer | 46,189
Brad Braun | 49,467
Chris Colpitts | 36,519
Katrina Lee | 43,931
Shubh Sidhu | 50,071

And the winner is... Shubh Sidhu!

What does he win? We're actually not sure... maybe a trip to Florida?