Business ByDesign: A Comprehensive Cloud Solution for SME's


You are a small firm. You hustle to build and grow your business.

In the early days it's about finding the first one or two or five customers — then it's about finding the right people to add to your team.

Then, you have to pay those people.

You continue to grow and you continue to succeed, doing whatever it takes. Unfortunately, sometimes doing whatever it takes means running your enterprise on spreadsheets, whiteboards, post-it notes or email. Information becomes difficult to source. Decisions, which should be data driven, are made more and more by "gut feel".  

Many SMEs (like us), often think "we are too small for ERP" or "we can get by". The truth is — operationally — we can all benefit from a little more structure and little more process. You need to invest in enterprise systems that consolidate information and streamline operations while still providing the flexibility you require as a fast moving, high growth firm. 

Partner with ConvergentIS and lay your foundation for growth with SAP Business ByDesign, a comprehensive cloud business solution for small and midsize companies.

Katrina Lee