How Halton Region transformed their purchasing process with SAP Fiori – without needing to retrain their users

The Challenge

Facing a new purchasing bylaw, Halton Region needed to automate and streamline their outdated paper process. They had never used SAP for requisitioning before.

Due to the nature of their work and organization, implementing a change this big comes with some challenges.

The new solution needed to:

BEFORE: Region of Halton used to manually track, store and report on paper forms throughout the purchasing process.

  • Manage a highly regulated and complex municipal purchasing process

  • Handle different procurement methods and non-standard fields

  • Integrate with budgets (funds availability check)

  • Improve approval times (currently 3-4 weeks)

  • Allow mobile approvals

The Process

Halton Region began an evaluation process and identified seven possible options that could solve their procurement challenges.

Each option was evaluated according to business requirements, cost, technology sustainability, and resources needed to implement.

They determined that using SAP Fiori and Convergent’s Simplified Requisitioning application would address all issues with their existing requisitioning process, leverage their existing investment with SAP, plus provide a great user experience and intuitive interface.

The Solution

With a few configurations to suit their needs, the application:

AFTER: The new suite of Fiori apps walks the user through the process of creating a purchase requisition, sends the requisition through an approval workflow, and automatically populates a purchase order once approved.

  • Allows the user to indicate who the product/service is for, and identify if there is sufficient budget available before allowing the requisition to proceed.

  • Allows multiple drafts of concurrent requisitions.

  • Offers a guided process with contextual fields to ensure that all steps are completed, no matter the procurement method or path the user takes through the app.

  • Works on mobile devices, so management can access and approve purchase requisitions anytime, anywhere.

The Results

Without any retraining, the complex municipality’s 500 unionized employees were able navigate the new application immediately and requisition approval times decreased from an average of 27 days to 3-5 days.

The feedback around usability and functionality was positive.

“Thank you for all the great support,” says Belkis Barrios. “As usual, Convergent goes the extra mile.”

Implementation Highlights

Never requisitioned in SAP before

Rolled out to 500 unionized staff with no traininG

ALLOWS multiple drafts of multiple concurrent requisitioning streams

Budget check performed before the requisition is allowed to proceed


First time users or regular purchasers are successfully guided through the system, process, or policy

Think your organization could benefit from a simplified purchasing process?

Katrina Lee