UX-Eh: Five Reasons Canadians Care About UX

ConvergentIS recently hosted the SAP Cloud Platform Technical Academy at our Calgary office. SAP also ran sessions in Toronto and Ottawa – all were extremely well-attended and productive. In fact, they were so successful that SAP had to schedule additional sessions to accommodate the overwhelming response! 

That got me thinking: why the big response in Canada? SCP is principal to SAP's UX strategy, so why are our Canadian clients and colleagues so interested in talking Enterprise UX? Well, I have some ideas.

Here are five reasons Canadians care about UX:

It's Cold 

Yes, I know that our harsh climate isn’t news to anyone, but that doesn't change the fact that it makes a huge impact. How does this apply to Enterprise UX? Let’s imagine a cold winter’s day. You want your gloves to stay on your hands for as long as possible, right? You need applications that require minimal touch and when possible, allow voice commands. You might have those fancy gloves that let you use tactile screens – sure, they’re cool – but if an app/screen is not enabled for mobile or optimized for touch, it presents a challenge. Bottom line: low temperatures require high efficiency, and enterprise applications need to keep up.



Thirty-five million of us spread out over almost 10 million square kilometres means we have a lot of space but not that many people. Canada's population density is roughly 1/9th that of our American neighbours. How does this affect UX? Well, in the enterprise, when we say UX we don't just mean UI (user interface). We include Access, UI and Business process in that discussion. And since Canadians are so spread out and often rely on remote help, intuitive enterprise apps that are easy to access, easy to use and kick off the appropriate business processes are critical. 



We’ve got a lot of stuff going on 

Look, there can be a bit of a stereotype that we Canadians are vacation-taking, beer-drinking, Tim Horton's-visiting layabouts. And while we do love all of those things, the truth is – professionally and personally – we have a lot going on. We volunteer often, work long hours and love our time-consuming recreational activities. (Have you ever tried to get a five-year-old dressed for skiing, skating or hockey? It takes longer than the actual activity itself, and that's assuming they don't need to go to the bathroom once they are fully geared up). We work hard and we need technology at work to work just as hard for us. Maximizing our productivity means we are always looking for things to work better. Improved UX equals improved productivity. 

We embrace technology 

Canadians are among the global leaders in internet usage, online streaming and shopping. We also love making and using products that make our lives easier (hello InstantPot). We have embraced these changes in our personal lives and our anxious to see the Enterprise catch up. Here's a good, easy SAP-related example: SAP has traditionally used a transaction-based approach to its user interface. Want to View Purchase Orders? ME23N. Want to change one? Not so fast, that's a ME22N. This is not a user-centric approach. Imagine Facebook having three different apps for posting, viewing and commenting. What if the InstantPot had three different pots for preheating, pressure cooking and cooling? That would make precisely zero sense. Today's SAP user community cannot and will not tolerate this legacy approach. Our Canadian SAP users are demanding that when the SAP UI is refreshed, they’re not presented with three tiles on their Fiori Launchpad or Personas home screen for View, Modify and Edit. Just give them one app that does all three and let them do their job. 



We like to renovate

About 40 percent of Canadian homeowners plan a renovation of their existing property. What’s the fastest and most efficient way to renovate your SAP user experience? SAP Cloud Platform. Though one is personal and the other corporate, both a home and SAP are substantial investments. And just like a home needs furnishing and decor, sometimes your investment needs a little visual optimization in order to enhance the user experience for both employees and business partners alike.

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