Welcome to Our New Site!

 The new look for ConvergentIS

The new look for ConvergentIS

ConvergentIS is proud to announce the launch of our new website. What's changed? Pretty much everything.

Why the big change?

Revising our digital presence has been on our radar for quite some time. Our last refresh was a few years ago – sometimes as a small tech firm specializing in enterprise products and services, we prioritize sales, development and delivery over marketing. We're also not just a Fiori shop anymore (although that is still a central line of business). We do a great deal of work on SAP Cloud Platform, Cloud ERP, and technical upgrades and migration to S/4HANA. Those services were not well-reflected on the old site.

A few months ago, we decided to make a new website our top priority. The goals for our new site were to provide a clearer and more concise message of what we do, to update our look, to expand our reach, and to personalize the introduction to and experience of working with ConvergentIS. Not to mention, we have significantly grown over the past couple of years and the people who have greatly contributed to this growth deserve to be part of our renewed story.

How did we start?

 The final whiteboard after our Design Thinking session

The final whiteboard after our Design Thinking session

Well, we pitch a lot of Design Thinking to our clients, so to paraphrase the great philosopher, TLC: “Sometimes you need to look inside you, to find out who you are, too.”

We started with several team members in our newly-minted Design Centre (now officially an SAP partner-run AppHaus) and a LOT of whiteboards. Our digital marketing analyst, Katrina, eventually managed to whittle six whiteboard’s worth of sticky notes down to one and we began to see the framework of our business story emerge in a simpler message.

What did we do after that?

We repeated the process several more times: re-whiteboarding, and re-whiteboarding again. Then, true to Design Thinking, we started rapidly prototyping the site. We went through a few iterations before landing on the direction and message that was right for us.

Was it harder than we expected?

Though we’re a smaller firm, we provide a lot of different products and services, and have worked with wide variety of clients on an even wider variety of projects. A question that arose several times was: how do you capture and present all of that information without overwhelming your prospective and existing customers (and yourselves)? Keeping the message clean and simple was important – it became our guiding principle. And as we go forward, we will augment the depth of our content with blogs and webinars.

What are our goals?

The website and our revised digital presence is integral to our marketing, branding and recruiting efforts for 2018 and beyond. We feel our new look better reflects who we are as a firm, and our messaging better reflects how we help our clients. We want to continue our rapid expansion and our refresh is part and parcel of that strategy.

So please, check our new website, give us your feedback, and hopefully you see something that makes you think that ConvergentIS can help make your work less work.

PS. Thank you to everyone at ConvergentIS who contributed to putting this together, but special thanks to Katrina Lee.