We are proud to have the Design Centre located in our downtown office; a meeting space where low-fidelity materials transform into high-value ideas.

It's equal parts co-innovation lab and experience centre, where our clients can fully immerse themselves in the Design Thinking process, yielding the best possible solutions for their business needs.

Whiteboards, Post-its and markers are just the beginning. Design Thinking is at the core of our products and services, and it’s more than just a methodology. It's how we gain the deepest insights into your business needs to deliver the best return on your investments.

AppHaus Design Centre
AppHaus Network Calgary

Looking for a meeting place with more possibilities?

Ditch the boardroom and have your next meeting in our Design Centre.


About AppHaus

Building upon a history of creative environments, the AppHaus is SAP’s “customer facing” co-innovation space in which customers, SAP, and end-users collaboratively work on projects.

About the Space

Our partner-run AppHaus Design Centre houses one large workshop area of about 100 square metres with two smaller breakout rooms attached, and a large outdoor patio area complete with patio furniture and BBQ. We are able to run workshops of about 10 to 35 people; at events we can host up to 70 guests.

Questions about booking our Design Centre? Check our our FAQ page for more details.

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