Why Design Thinking?

It may surprise you to know that what your users say they want could be different than what they actually need.

That's where Design Thinking comes in.

It's a playful, creative, and observational approach to innovative solutions. Design Thinking is a design methodology applied to the business world, and it offers a human-centric approach to uncovering what your users really need and making it a reality. It works beyond typical design processes by maximizing creativity and supporting experimentation. Design Thinking is so crucial to our approach that we even built a Design Centre to facilitate the process.

Why Design Thinking


Do you have a business process that is confusing and that people are trying to circumvent?


Do you have technology with a low adoption rate or unhappy end users?


Are you looking to find an innovative solution to a business problem?


Do you need to implement a new technology solution but aren’t sure how to go about it?

Design Thinking helps identify the real problem and design a solution that really works.



Here's a little bit about what the Design Thinking process looks like:




It's the human element of Design Thinking. It's about understanding people within the context of your design challenge.



This is where we establish a point of view in order to develop a meaningful and actionable problem statement. Consider it the framework for the problem we're trying to solve.




In the name of idea generation, this is the wild and free stage, where all possibilities are considered. 



Now is the time to fail quickly. Prototyping is where we show, not tell. This is stage of interacting with proposed solutions without committing to anything that might not work.





This isn't necessarily the 'last' step, but rather a point of return or moving forward. It's where we solicit feedback about proposed solutions and make refinements; revisit earlier stages if needed, and start creating experiences.


Here's more about what makes us different.

We use our own enterprise experience.

We know where unnecessary complexity may be holding you back. Our S/4HANA solutions are here to improve user experience and deliver tangible, valuable results in real-time.

It's how we run things ourselves.

Function, meet form.

We care about the user experience. A lot. That's why we want to address your pain points and leverage your existing platform to build you something better, faster, and stronger.

We're not here to just upgrade your technology, we're here to optimize your entire process.

Learn more about using our space for Design Thinking and design doing.