Convergent has built an HR Performance Management platform in SAP Fiori that sits on top the on-premise SAP HCM stack and uses this (included) module to power a user friendly, mobile friendly experience for both managers and employees. No more paper, word documents or data entry clerks re-keying thousands of performance reviews into SAP.

The on-premise SAP HCM suite supports Employee Performance Management. Very few organizations take advantage of this tool that they own because the user interface is unwieldy, and the manager review and updating of this information is not intuitive.

This results in managers and employees resorting to paper or Word-based reviews, which are eventually passed to an HR administrator for entry into the SAP system of record.

Reporting and data access is also a challenge. Organizations eventually turn to additional HR software suites in an attempt to simplify this experience for users.


Who will benefit from this app?


  • Quickly enter and review beginning, mid and year end review information

  • Access from multiple devices and browsers — complete your review when and where it works for you

  • See last year's info without having to search through old emails and documents

  • Get real-time feedback from managers

  • Use pre-existing templates to accelerate the creation of goals and objectives


  • Easy to use interface makes providing feedback easy and quick

  • Use your time thinking about real, meaningful feedback and not struggling with data entry

  • Quickly scan direct and indirect reports to see who is on track and on target both in team performance and actual review completion

  • Provide real time electronic feedback that is captured and logged

Human Resources

  • Reduce overhead

  • Reduce support — help people with the people, not with the technology

  • Get access to data quickly and easily in the system of record

  • Audit and control — the reviews are tracked and managed in SAP not in paper, emails or files


  • Leverage your considerable investment in SAP

  • New HR software implementations can be a huge cost and time effort, using this tool on top of a solution already implemented

  • You already know to support SAP HCM

How it will benefit them:

  • Built in SAP Fiori on top of SAP HCM

  • Self-service employee and manager guidance through goal setting, mid-year, and year-end reviews

  • Development plans and Performance plans

  • Year end ratings which can be leveraged for compensation management

  • Leadership oversight of milestone completion

  • Streamline the performance management and appraisal process

Technical Requirements

Built for SAP Fiori Cloud and On-premise and SAP ECC (EHP5+) and Gateway 7.31+.

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