How often have you heard that all your competitors are undergoing a significant digital transformation and that you should act now, or risk being left behind?

It’s time to take the pressure off. 

Whether you need a Design Thinking session to come up with new, innovative ideas, or simply get an off-the-shelf application deployed before lunchtime to make your work day a bit easier, we’ve got you covered. It’s not always feasible (or necessary) to undergo major business transformations, but there are many ways you can start small and still make a big impact.

Without a doubt, we picked the right implementation partner. We are really impressed with the quality of work.
— Project Manager, Multinational Midstream Energy Co.

Join over 50,000 users who use us make their work less work.

Why are we the right partner to help you with your optimization journey?

We use Design Thinking

Design Thinking helps identify the real problem and design a solution that really works. We host workshops in our SAP AppHaus Design Centre and have expert facilitators to guide you through the process.

See your business process in a whole new light.

We care about the user experience

A lot. That’s why we want to address your pain points and leverage your existing platform to build you something better, faster, and stronger.

We’re not just here to upgrade your technology, we’re here to optimize your entire process.

We work in design sprints

We operate like an application development shop, not an ERP consulting firm.

That means agility, flexibility, accountability, and execution.

We have over 35 apps

We are a leading partner in SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Platform, and have dozens of ready-to-deploy applications to help accelerate your journey.

When you’re ready for S/4HANA, you can take them with you without breaking them.


But if you’re ready for takeoff…

We handle the big stuff, too.


ConvergentIS has embraced the use of the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) to extend and integrate to SAP S/4HANA both on-premise and in-cloud. SCP is also a powerful toolkit to accelerate the development and deployment of mobile apps, customer and vendor portals and unique solutions that do not necessarily require integration into SAP ECC or SAP S/4HANA.

The SAP Cloud Platform is a collection of tools and services from SAP whose primary function is acceleration. We can design and prototype faster, develop faster, mobilize faster, integrate faster.

What’s included with SAP Cloud Platform:

  • SAP Build. Design and feedback platform to visually prototype and iterate solutions. A wonderful companion solution to Design Thinking.

  • SAP Fiori Cloud Edition. Minimize the requirement for on-premise infrastructure to enhance the SAP User Experience. Stand up the infrastructure in days to get to the valuable (and fun!) part — the applications.

  • SAP Cloud Portal, Mobile Services and Identity Authentication/ Provisioning are major accelerators to support the development of web and mobile applications and managing employee and third party access.

  • The collection of Integration Services including OData Provisioning, Smart Data, Workflow and API Management ensure that the user experience aligns with the optimization in business process.


SAP Access and Enablement

When it comes to the latest SAP technologies, we have unparalleled expertise in areas including:

  • SAP S/4HANA Basis

  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud Data migration services

  • SAP Embedded Analytics

  • Custom development services

  • SAP Single Sign-On Integration

  • SAP Screen Personas

  • SAP Fiori Infrastructure