Whether you’re looking into Cloud ERP, solutions for manufacturing, oil and gas, or professional services — we’ve got the experience and expertise to help you with your journey.

A strong digital footprint is the key to increasing profitability, furthering growth and creating a roadmap to innovation that will put you ahead of your market competitors.

Leveraging ERP in Cloud allows you take advantage of industry best practices, accelerate the technical implementation, and move costs away from IT operations to digital business innovation. Further accelerate your business with mobility, IoT, and machine learning.


ConvergentIS for SAP Cloud ERP

In addition to the industry experience outlined above, ConvergentIS brings a novel and refined approach to SAP Cloud ERP implementation.

We know SAP. We are a partner and a customer. We believe the days of implementations that span years and require armies of consultants to sit at customer locations are over. ERP can be implemented using agile techniques with flexible teams to drive down implementation costs and accelerate time to value.

Cloud first. For many mid-sized firms, the temptation to extensively customize and change standard ERP software is strong. We want the same flexibility in an ERP solution as we had with the variety of spreadsheets previously used to manage our business. We believe in leveraging best practices and minimal customizations which is supported by a cloud first strategy.

Optimizing ERP for the end user. When we tailor an ERP solution, we believe effort should be spent on the user interface with support from standard back-end implementations. This helps manage implementation cost—and returns the value from services spent—as it helps drive end users into the system of record. We use Design Thinking and our strong development practice on the SAP Cloud Platform to deliver on this strategy.



For 40 years, SAP has been the global leader in software solutions for the manufacturing industry. More recently, SAP S/4HANA and SAP Cloud ERP solutions (S/4HANA Public Cloud and SAP Business ByDesign) have been the engines at the digital core of SAP's manufacturing strategy.

ConvergentIS works with discrete manufacturing organizations to optimize software user experience and mobilize technology to support the mobile user on the shop floor, and uses next-generation SAP solutions to optimize the entire end-to-end business process.

ConvergentIS is among the first of SAP's partners to fully embrace the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Cloud ERP to drive our clients towards industry best practices and attain operational excellence across all lines of the business.


Why ConvergentIS and SAP Cloud for Manufacturing?

  • Optimize inventory levels and increase agility with near-real time MRP

  • Use best practices

  • Decrease logistics and procurement costs

  • Improve scheduling and on-time performance

  • Extend and tailor the user experience with ConvergentIS's suite of solutions for material management, supply chain, finance and mobility on the SAP Cloud Platform


Oil and Gas

Business process optimization through technology in the oil and gas industry is part of ConvergentIS's DNA—it's where we started as a company. Today, we have optimized and fine-tuned SAP ERP solutions for the oil and gas field service industry.

As part of our deployment strategy, we have built a flexible field mobility framework that can:

  • Manage customer service

  • Track time and materials against customer orders

  • Allow users in field to requisition necessary items

  • Manage contract and contingent labour

  • Provide customer digital acknowledgement

  • Create real-time invoicing and/or month end close that takes days — not weeks

  • Assist with field safety and incident management

  • Adhere to customer contract pricing

  • ConvergentIS plus SAP Cloud Platform and ERP can deliver this value with minimal customization, industry best practices and value realization in months — not years.

Oil and Gas

Professional Services

ConvergentIS understands what it takes to grow and innovate as a Professional Services firm—we are one ourselves. We use SAP S/4HANA as our core system of record to manage client relationships, drive projects, product and service profitability, and manage employee time allocation as well as all of our non-billable work.

We have integrated SAP with mobile expense management solutions using SAP Cloud Platform and Expensify, and have used our SAP Fiori Performance Management platform for employee and consultant optimization.

For our clients, we have:

  • Helped extend and manage employee and contractor time and service entry,

  • Consolidated and optimized project and service billing

  • Developed integration between ERP and bespoke project management toolsets

Professional Services

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