There’s no need to get your feathers ruffled this year.

Fly through tax season with our easy Tax Forms application for SAP.


Organizations spend countless dollars printing and mailing tax slips to employees every year just before tax season — then they spend even more re-printing and sending these out when some of us can't find said slips the week before tax deadline. The Tax Forms application for SAP Fiori gives employees secure access to any form from any device to print, save or send to the required destination.


No more envelope stuffing parties

If these parties are fun then we suggest replacing them with regular parties. In the meantime, you can:

  • Reduce overhead

  • Save an enormous amount of paper

On demand, 24/7

Like a streaming service but not at all like a streaming service. Get your forms when you need them without digging through those files when the accountant asks for them.

up and running before lunch time

The app is installed and enabled in hours. It might take you longer to decide what to eat.

You get a tax form, and you get a tax form

Supported forms include Canadian forms (T4, T4A, T4NR, Releve 1 and Releve 2) and US (W2 and more). View previous years, print or save as PDF, email directly from the app.

what to tell I.T. (technical requirements)

Built for SAP Fiori on premise or cloud and SAP ECC EHP5+ GW 7.31+.

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