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Straumann, a global leader in dental solutions, faced challenges with their outdated and inflexible purchase requisition system. The older solution became unsupported, leading to limited adoption and a lack of flexibility for users when creating purchase requisitions. Seeking a modern and adaptable solution, Straumann turned to ConvergentIS and implemented our Simplified Requisitioning application. 

The ConvergentIS Simplified Requisitioning application provided Straumann with the much-needed flexibility to meet their specific requirements across different countries and processes.  And with language support for English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese, Straumann was able to roll out the application to entities within their expanding company but across the globe. 

The application empowered users with enhanced flexibility, enabling them to add line items from different material masters, home plants, and cost centers to a single purchase requisition. Users could easily attach relevant PDF files and view them within the app for quick reference. Additionally, they gained visibility into the approvals workflow, including the ability to see who last approved the requisition and whom it was awaiting approval from, complete with contact details for seamless communication. 

In addition to its powerful features and benefits, it's important to note that the ConvergentIS Simplified Requisitioning application seamlessly integrates with the SAP ECC system. This integration ensures a smooth implementation process for organizations already utilizing SAP ECC and enables a seamless transition for those planning to migrate to SAP S/4HANA. 

Installed directly on the SAP ECC system, the Simplified Requisitioning application leverages the existing infrastructure and data of the organization, eliminating the need for additional software or complex integrations. This streamlined approach simplifies the implementation process, reduces costs, and minimizes potential disruptions to daily operations. 

These improvements significantly increased adoption rates. The number of individual requisitioners is up by 32%. The higher adoption, in turn, drove compliance within the organization. Indirect spend with a purchase order (PO) vs without one is up across the board with increases of up to 30% at some subsidiaries.  

By reducing non-PO spend, Straumann witnessed a substantial boost in the efficiency of their accounts payable process. With the ability to establish a 2 or 3-way match, they spend less time chasing down vendors in cases where discrepancies have occurred between the agreed payment terms and the invoice received. 

The increased transparency facilitated by the Simplified Requisitioning application will let Straumann adopt a category management approach to their indirect spend. This approach has the potential to generate additional savings for the company. 

"Convergent IS provides a flexible and user-friendly solution, allowing business users to place purchase requisitions in an efficient way. The support team is very helpful in aiding with enhancements as business needs change. The Simplified Requisitioning application has helped in regard to collaboration, compliance, and cash management."

Rochdi Benammar Procurement & Supply Chain Business Analyst, Straumann Group

Looking ahead, Straumann is eager to leverage additional features offered by the application, such as the punch-out catalogue. This feature provides an online shopping experience for users, offering Straumann-approved vendor-provided items at negotiated discounts. 

In partnership with ConvergentIS, Straumann has transformed its purchase requisition process with the implementation of Simplified Requisitioning. The application's flexibility, multilingual support, and enhanced visibility have resulted in higher adoption, increased compliance, and improved efficiency throughout the accounts payable process. Straumann is well-positioned to optimize their indirect spend further and drive additional savings using the category management approach facilitated by the application.  

Why ConvergentIS?

Our team comes from a variety of different operational backgrounds, meaning we understand how people work. We recognize SAP S/4HANA as an out-of-the-box solution that has successfully solved business problems across several industries. But we realize some work processes are still challenging to learn with so many capabilities available in SAP.  

Leveraging the SAP design methodology, we have co-innovated with organizations to build solutions that match the way they work. Since many teams face the same problems, we packaged them and made them available as an out-of-the-box application. This means your business still receives many of the benefits of a tailored application without the cost of a custom solution.

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