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Advanced Procurement Solutions Tailored for the Utility Sector

Streamline operations, enhance compliance, and drive strategic decisions with our advanced Procurement Solutions. Get real-time insights and flexible, digital workflows that transform your procurement landscape.


Operational Pressures

Utility procurement teams face intense pressures to efficiently source, purchase, and deliver a wide range of materials and services. The growing complexity of these tasks makes achieving efficiency a constant challenge.

Lack of Investment

Many utility companies haven't sufficiently invested in advanced procurement capabilities. This shortfall, coupled with high staff turnover, strains their ability to manage vital supply chains effectively.

Need for Strategic Investment

To remain competitive without increasing costs for ratepayers, utilities must optimize how they deploy capital. This demands a shift to smarter procurement practices, including technology consolidation and the adoption of robust platforms that support both growth and stability.


Streamlining Utility Procurement For Strategic Growth And Efficiency

ConvergenetIS equips utility companies with advanced procurement solutions that integrate seamlessly into SAP, automate cricial processes, and provide real-time insights-enabling strategic decision-making and efficient management without increasing costs to ratepayers.

Enhanced Operational Efficiency

ConvergentIS streamlines your procurement processes by allowing vendors and workers to submit digital field tickets directly into SAP. This eliminates manual re-entry, reduces administrative headaches, and provides real-time insights into labor and material costs. The flexibility of our solution ensures it is adaptable to all types of spending, from Statement of Work (SOW) services to goods consumed in projects.

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Improved Decision-Making and Compliance

Our Field Ticket extension is designed not only to simplify submissions but also to provide clear visibility and control. It allows for flexible rate selection and distinguished approvals, which ensure compliance and facilitate faster decision-making. This transparency helps utility companies manage costs effectively and maintain competitiveness without unnecessary expenditure.

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Built In SAP And Made To Be Flexible

The Service Entry Sheets application is built into the SAP system and certified for both ECC and S/4 environments. It supports the complex needs of utility companies, enabling them to manage changing demands such as electric vehicle infrastructure and demand response systems. Our platform also allows for the integration of third-party applications and industry cloud solutions, enhancing its composable function capabilities.

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How It Works

Step 1: Submit A Digital Field Ticket

Suppliers easily enter hours directly into SAP via the SES app, using the digital field ticket system. This streamlined process eliminates the need for paper tickets and reduces data re-entry, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

Step 2: Automatic Approvals
Hours logged by preferred contractors are automatically approved based on pre-set business rules. This automation ensures that manual approvals are reserved only for exceptions, speeding up the process and reducing administrative overhead.
Step 3: Manage Updates on a Unified Portal
Access a comprehensive dashboard that provides a high-level overview of all procurement activities. The SES app shows how much of each purchase order has been consumed, allowing you to monitor and control spending in real-time.
Step 4: Pay Off Your Own Records
Leverage the automatic three-way match system within the SES app to reconcile and finalize payments without needing to manually create invoices. This capability ensures timely payments and maintains financial accuracy.
75% Drop in Administrative Overhead
7x Less paperwork

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