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Extending SAP ERP and SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network


The Procurement Gateway Applications are based on SAP BTP and Work Zone and are a cloud-based solution that acts as a single pane of glass for all of your procurement data, processes, and applications.  It allows you to present one face and one voice to all of your employees, embedded contractors, and suppliers.

It is the private cloud extension to SAP’s public cloud applications, such as SAP ISBN.

$8M saved through the enforcement of preferred vendors, services and rates
100's of employees migrated in weeks not months
6X improvements in process efficiencies


Abide by and enforce the contracts reached with preferred suppliers and guide employees to purchase from approved suppliers, to select approved items or services, and to buy them at approved prices or rates. 


Signifies that the end-to-end procurement and supply chain processes will be conducted in as automated a manner as possible so that the employees will only need to manage by exception. 


Indicates that employees will be directed through the procurement processes using a guided approach that utilizes simple questions to gently steer them one step at a time. 


Via the SAP Business Network, achieve a truly touchless invoicing process by utilizing configurable invoice matching and business rules that provide instantaneous validation of supplier-submitted invoices. Drive invoice auto-post rates of up to 98% while reducing risk and costs and improving efficiency.


The procurement and supply chain management capabilities are out-of-the-box applications from SAP and ConvergentIS that provide rapid and secure access to businesses and their suppliers so that they can collaborate on core procurement and supply chain processes in real-time and view their data in an aggregated and user-friendly environment.  These applications are based on and extend SAP ERP, SAP Business Technology Platform, and SAP Intelligent Spend & Business Network.  All data is stored and updated in either SAP ERP or ISBN.  

Dashboard Icon SUMMARIZED DASHBOARD VIEW Access all applications, tasks, and processes supporting your procurement through a single location. Embedded analytics highlight trends and optimization opportunities. 
PersonUsingLaptopIcon Contractor Time Entry for Services

A streamlined interface makes it easy to track time with intuitive features for favourites and comments and immediate feedback on errors. Reduce the time contractors spend completing timesheets and make it easy for managers to quickly identify issues and approve time on the go. Advanced accrual generation gets periods closed stat.

Picture10 multiple and conditional rates for the same service Oftentimes, service providers will negotiate outline agreements with multiple rates for the same service that are conditioned on some metric, such as the weather. These rates would be stored in the SAP ERP Service Master.  For example, a repair crew in the field may have different rates depending on whether the day is sunny or snowy.
Truck_icon Per Line-Item Interaction & Status for Purchase Orders and Schedule Agreements

Large purchase orders and schedule agreements can easily contain hundreds or thousands of line items - and, yet, need individual bidirectional interaction per line-item.   At-a-glance, intuitive and graphical representation of line-item status, pop-up on hover data detail, and one-click interaction becomes a must-have.  Supported stages include: Assembly, Quality Inspection, Packing, Shipping, and Invoicing.        

Picture8 Guided Process Engine – Low-Code / No-Code Unlock complex policy, process, and compliance-based tasks for all users by providing step-by-step guidance and embedded controls, visual cues, and built-in controls to ensure all required information is captured.  A low-code/no-code environment allows business users to directly change business processes.
Picture7 Inter-enterprise purchase-to-pay automation and collaboration Via the SAP Business Network, gain access to a marketplace of suppliers and to transact digitally on purchase orders and invoices for enhanced spend visibility, efficiency, and compliance. Reduce transaction cycles by up to 50% and operating costs by up to 60% while improving efficiency and supplier relationships.


Services-based applications for supply chain, logistics, and asset management deliver automated, digital, guided, and mobile extensions to SAP’s and ISBN's portfolio.  These applications are already deployed at customer sites and delivering significant value.  

Dashboard Icon Distributor Portal

Distributor portal that allows for 24/7/365 self-service access and submission of orders, promotions, order status and delivery status.  Processes are automated, ensuring that orders are executed, and payments are received on time.  Customers have achieved 50% reduction in administrative overhead and 100% digital transformation.  

Picture9b MOBILE WAREHOUSE MANAGEMENT Replace manual, paper-based processes with mobile-ready SAP Fiori applications that automate pick lists and shipping log information.  Customers have achieved 75% reductions in administration overhead, 33% reduction in picking errors, and 100% paperless picking.  
ERS Reselling Assets Capex

Management system for asset acquisition and reselling.   Enables the tracking of previously sold assets,  asset acquisition and analysis,  inventory and refurbishment tracking, and selling to new customers.  Customers have achieved 80% productivity increases, 75% reduction in approval turn-around time, and 50% reduction in manual inventory reconciliation.   

Reshaping the Procurement Model

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