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A seamless addition to your SAP system that handles everything from intake to payment without needing to integrate - ConvergentIS Procurement Gateway is crafted within SAP itself, making it feel like a native part of the system.

Why It's Special

Procurement Gateway is an officially certified extension for ECC and S/4, designed to streamline and enhance how you manage and present information to your vendors on the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP) or Ariba, all accessible either directly with a single login or through the Ariba portal. This means everything you need for procurement is in one easy-to-use dashboard.




New Reviews And Counting

Our Procurement-Add on for SAP has since been recognized by Dr. Eloise Epstein's Modern Procurement Platform Stack.

Gartner hasn’t written about us since we haven’t agreed to pay 6-figures to talk with them, we’ve been investing that money in helping our customers 😉

The Modern Procurement Platform Stack

Simple, Clean-Core Add-On

Procurement Gateway installs directly inside your SAP ERP (ECC or S/4 - and it's certified for easy upgrade) for intake to procure and procure to pay, offering a smooth transition from manual to automated processes. It's built on the platform SAP uses to build their own products with, SAP BTP. It integrates seamlessly with Ariba and Fieldglass while providing a unified user experience for internal and external team members to start from.

SAP Integration ConvergentIS

Central Access Point for Intake & Orchestration

One simple place to start from, no matter how simple or complex your role in supply chain and procurement or whether you have one or many systems running your intake to pay capability. The real "front door" for procurement on SAP.  For the pro-users, the buyer cockpit brings the best of the many tools they need, along with analytics, together for easy insight to action.

Central Approvals Across Spend Tools

With approvals from S/4, ECC, Ariba, FieldGlass, and others scattered for most organizations, our solution brings these approvals together in one inbox to rule them all!

30-50% Cost Savings from Improved Operations
75% Reduction in administration efforts
7X faster productivity in procurement workflows

Intake Management

With ConvergentIS Intake Management, you can effortlessly create a single front door for every purchase within your organization. Our consumer-grade experience ensures company-wide adoption of purchasing policies, making it a breeze for employees to adopt spend controls. We understand that successful implementation starts with user-friendly adoption, and that's exactly what we deliver.

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PO Confirmations

Buyer Cockpit For PO Confirmations And Open Requirements

So easy to see the POs confirmed and open or unmet demand. The notifications of  confirmations/changes/rejections from suppliers is simple and easy to orchestrate and add automation based on scenarios you define

Vendor Confirmations/Changes/Rejections At The Line Item Level

Vendors can now accept, reject, and request adjustments to prices, dates and quantities directly on purchase order line items.

Buy It On PO, Right Price, Right Way

Make it easy to generate and collaborate on the buy with your vendor. Support for modifications to confirmed items, facilitating detailed collaboration at the line item level.

Direct Communication

Changes, such as price updates or split deliveries, trigger notifications in the buyer's action center, opening a direct dialogue with vendors. This seamless interaction is integrated within SAP, ensuring a smooth experience even in the backend.

Alerts for Delays

Deliveries expected outside the agreed timeframe are highlighted in orange, ensuring buyers are immediately aware of potential delays.



Handling Advanced Shipment Notices

Your suppliers can let you know when they ship, the tracking number, and your inventory teams can take care of the inbound deliveries. 

External Inventory Management

Whether you have a team of temp staff doing a full wall to wall physical inventory count, a vendor managing some inventory for you, or occasional staff that need access to goods movement or cycle count and inventory management, our solution has you covered. Our super-easy to use goods movement applications can scan and process your inventory on mobile. 

Ex-works shipment receipts

We've made sure that even scenarios where your supplier invoices you when they ship it to you are covered for a receipt of inventory they can invoice against and a second goods receipt when you physically receive the goods at your plant.

Dashboard 2-1


Vendor Submitted Services:

Your suppliers can submit the services they've completed, including on-contract, planned, and fully ad-hoc services. These are sent for review and approval internally. Field tickets, a key capability for several industries, are made simple and seamless.

Rate Compliance:

Automatically enforces service rates, helping maintain budget and spend control.

Visual Progress Tracking:

Features progress bars for tracking contract and purchase order limits against actual expenditures, enhancing budget management.

Mobile Approvals:

Service entry sheets can be approved on-the-go by supervisors via mobile, centralizing SAP data for convenient access.

Key Advantages:

Our solution integrates directly within SAP, providing real-time data access without needing external data integration. This is a significant benefit over competitors, offering a unified view within the SAP ecosystem.

Addresses common industry challenges, such as on-the-fly services accounting allocations for POs with unknown account assignments and resources that are not named —something not available in SAP Ariba or SAP Fieldglass.

Our certified add-on for SAP fills a gap in the Ariba system, providing a field ticket solution already in use by energy companies, demonstrating a proven track record of addressing specific industry needs.



The "Service Accruals Management" (SAM) Application streamlines month-end accruals for unbilled vendor time and ensures precise cost allocation between Capital Spend and Operating Expense, aiming for execution by Day 1 of month-end close.

Accrual Estimation: Estimate service accrual amounts based on historical and current month Badge data and Service Entry sheet data per Cost object for selected Company code, Plant, and Month.

Vendor-level Drill-down: Allow users to delve into vendor-level accrual estimates for each cost object, facilitating detailed analysis.

SOW and Contractor-level Drill-down: Enable users to explore Statement of Work (SOW) and Contractor-level accrual estimates for each Vendor and Cost object, enhancing granularity in tracking expenses.

How Do I Communicate That I Have a New Supplier Portal?


Invoice Simulation:
Allows vendors to generate invoice simulations using the perfect calculation of the PO amounts, taxes, freight, customs, and total based on the receipts of goods and services received. The perfect invoice can then be generated by your supplier and submitted in a few clicks. This moves from hope as a strategy to get the invoices right, to helping your suppliers get their invoices perfectly correct the first time.  

Invoice Automation:
Automation from emails - our AI powered invoice automation tool is so powerful it can easily handle 5000+ line invoices emailed in with multiple file types and even multiple files making up the invoice + supporting details. These are extracted automatically reviewed for duplicates, validations, then final evaluation and posting the into SAP.

Precise Calculations:
Unlike other procure-to-pay solutions, our tool accurately includes all details, such as taxes, to ensure invoices match down to the penny.

3-Way Matching:
Assist your supplier in accurately generating a three-way match by simulating the invoice process, ensuring any discrepancies such as missing goods receipts, service entry sheets, or field ticket approvals are identified and addressed promptly.

Cross-SAP invoice transparency:
Provides both vendors and buyers with visibility into invoice status and payment remittance details. Vendors can easily see when they will be paid, reducing the need to contact the buying organization for updates. Provides a central view across S/4, Ariba, Fieldglass, and even the intermediate processing steps within VIM.

Vendor Case Management: If someone has an issue with an invoice, this usually gets emailed and routed manually. This feature leverages a wizard to determine what is the category of a user's problem, prompting them to submit any additional details they would need to provide before the issue is escalated, before a ticket is automatically generated. Users could then view a dashboard of tickets that are currently active on and can be collaborated on.


Procurement Analytics

Cutting-Edge Design:

Leverages SAP's Next-Generation User Experience to offer interactive and prebuilt graphs, making complex data easy to understand.

Comprehensive Coverage:

Integrates information across SAP's entire procurement suite, including Ariba, Fieldglass, S/4HANA, and IBP, for a holistic view of procurement activities. The unified data-model creates a single source of truth across the spend portfolio with just one source for all.

Diverse Analysis:

Analytics are divided into seven key areas for targeted insights:

  • Procurement Overview: Get a snapshot of your procurement performance.
  • Supplier Category Management: Understand how different categories of suppliers are managed and performing.
  • Contract Management: Monitor contract compliance and performance.
  • Commodity Buyer: Analyze purchasing activities by commodity.
  • Payables Management: Keep track of payments and financial obligations.
  • Trading Partner: View interactions and transactions with trading partners.
  • Contingent Workforce: Manage and analyze your temporary and contract workforce.
  • Lead time: Deep dive into supplier lead times, performance, and quality
  • On time in full: Deep dive into on time in full delivery performance

Present vendor-facing analytics

With our gateway, you can present vendor-facing analytics to show your suppliers how you're seeing their performance, including managing cases for improvement plans.

Procurement Gateway Testimonials-1
"The ConvergentIS solution leveraged our existing back-end SAP capabilities into an easy-to-use suite of Fiori applications."
Manager of IT Business SolutionsFortis Alberta
"It is easy to use and friendly user interface."
Verified User in EntertainmentEnterprise (> 1000 employees)

"Very user friendly, totally configurable to our internal needs."

Verified User in Oil & EnergyEnterprise (> 1000 employees)

"I've used lots of these vendor tools before, this was so easy I don't see how I could get it wrong!"

Vendor Analyst
Frequently Asked Questions
How does Procurement Gateway integrate with SAP ERP?

The solution doesn’t integrate with SAP, it directly installs within the SAP ECC or S/4 system, allowing for real-time processing of all transactions with only one master record of the PO, invoice, etc. within the SAP system.

This integration streamlines workflows and reduces manual entry errors, reusing the existing configuration in your SAP system (tolerances, vendors, PDFs, etc). Technically, the add-on to the ERP system is built and certified the way SAP builds their own products so it is clean core compliant and upgradable (including upgrading from ECC to S/4 with the add-on installed). 

What about the handling of non-PO invoices? The system accommodates non-PO invoices, making it easier for clients to manage indirect expenses and ensuring comprehensive invoice processing. Suppliers can submit an invoice in the gateway or email it. The invoice automation for emailed invoices is AI powered and extremely effective in extracting and automating the processing of invoices.  
Are there any costs for vendors? Vendors do not incur direct costs for using the gateway. This aspect is crucial for overcoming barriers to vendor adoption and should be highlighted when discussing the solution with potential clients. 
What support is available for vendor onboarding? Extensive training materials and technical support are provided to facilitate vendor onboarding. This ensures a smooth transition for vendors to the gateway and enhances vendor satisfaction. 
Can the solution handle payment terms and start the payment clock? Yes, it references SAP to track payment terms and initiate the payment process based on the invoice submission, aiding in efficient cash flow management. 
How are procurement gateway upgrades handled? How does that work with SAP upgrades? ConvergentIS ensures the solution upgrades from ECC 6 enhancement pack 7 and up including converting/upgrading from ECC to S/4 and continues to work as designed. The product installs in SAP just like an add-on provided by SAP so the upgrade process is simple. To ensure a smooth upgrade our team provides the upgrade compatibility confirmation so that the team running the upgrade can upgrade with it in place. It’s best to collaborate in advance of an upgrade to ensure the relevant compatibility files are on-hand for your upgrade. 
How do PO confirmations work? The PO header and line-item details are visible for the vendor. The vendor can accept, reject, or request changes (dates, quantities, split delivery, and price) with a simple workflow with comments back and forth between the buyer and the vendor. With PO confirmations in real-time, the SAP MRP engine has immediate visibility to the status of confirmations, agreed changes, and rejections from vendors.  
Can the gateway handle service entry sheets or field tickets and related approvals? Yes, the gateway can manage service entry sheets, “LEMS” (labour, equipment and materials), field tickets, including the submission and approval process. This functionality allows for seamless entry of service-based transactions into SAP, ensuring accurate tracking and approval of services rendered. We support the use of outline agreements, service PO lines, on & off contract spend, and ad-hoc submitted services and these can be submitted on mobile. Each service is highlighted as either on/off contract rates and relative to the remaining value of a framework order or PO when presented on mobile for approval. Lean services in S/4 are planned on the roadmap for compatibility. 

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