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Procurement Solutions for Oil & Gas

Procurement Solutions for Oil & Gas - Field Tickets

You're busy, you have deadlines to meet. Suppliers to coordinate with. Projects to deliver.

The last thing you want to do is waste time chasing field tickets/service entry sheets, excel spreadsheets full of vendor services, 3-way match failures and integration issues. 

Field Tickets. Simplified & Digitized for companies running SAP

You run SAP, you expect your ERP to be the single source of truth. 

So why are you using paper field tickets, excel spreadsheets, or solutions that claim to integrate with SAP?

Our field ticket solution for SAP doesn't integrate with SAP, it installs inside it, using the super secure SAP technology to collaborate with your suppliers digitally the way they need and keeping your SAP ERP system as your single source of truth.

Field workers can submit their services and consumables (including LEMs) directly, approvers gain real-time insight into progress against the project,  purchase order, or contract.

The Field Ticket extension is available for all spend types including SOW services, recurring services, and contingent labour, goods consumed to projects, and services invoicing. 

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Submit Field Tickets Directly on Mobile

Teams capture things digitally, eliminating OCR and scanning. The result is field ticket progress is input directly from workers to SAP. 

No integration, no sync, no mismatches, just simple and flexible field tickets. Digitally. 

With the flexibility to allocate the costs to work orders, projects, cost centers, assets and others as needed on the fly. 

Service Entry Sheet

Accelerate Processing Times

Unlock the potential for accelerated processing times with our seamless integration with OpenInvoice. By automating your reconciliation and compliance workflows, you can experience faster and more accurate ticketing and invoicing.

As an add-on to SAP, ConvergentIS Service Entry Sheets are designed to optimize your entire process, from start to finish. Say goodbye to manual tasks and welcome a new era of efficiency. 

service entry sheets 2

The Future of Field Ticket Management in Action

Just follow these four simple steps, sit back, relax and let us do the rest for you and your team.

Submit a Digital Field Ticket

Suppliers enter hours, services, and other consumables against the field ticket as a service entry sheet into SAP. 

One source of the truth - your SAP ERP system, with the collaboration you need from your partners.

Single-sign-on through the SAP Business Network or directly to give you the flexibility you need for your set of vendors. 

Automatic Approvals

Hours from a preferred contractor are automatically sent to the right approver and could be auto-approved based on business rules, making manual approvals exclusive to exceptions. 

On-contract vs off-contract spend visibility.

Manage Updates on Unified Portal

Get a high-level overview of all spending and get a true tell for your actual spend. Need an up to the end of day view of your spend and progress? We got you, with the solution vendors of our customers say it's so easy they don't see how they could get it wrong.

Plus, automatic generation of month-end accruals for un-recorded time based on proven algorithms to calculate just the right amount for your balance sheet.

Pay off Your Own Records

Touches invoicing. Suppliers can simulate and submit invoices that 3-way match perfectly based on what's agreed bought and received.

Optionally, automatic three-way match enables teams to pay off their own receipts, for "evaluated receipt settlement" at the receipt level not just the vendor level.

Please note ConvergentIS Rapid Vendor Portal name has since been updated to ConvergentIS Procurement Gateway.


If you're in accounts payable, D&C operations, or LOE operations, using ConvergentIS Service Entry Sheets can help make your oilfield ticketing and processing smoother. It allows you to access accrual information faster and more accurately, reducing problems like lost tickets, delayed approvals, errors from manual entry, and too much paperwork.

These Service Entry Sheets work seamlessly with SAP, making it the only platform for oil and gas field ticketing and invoicing that automates reconciliation and ensures compliance. This results in a completely digital review and approval process.


Meet the Services Portal

Built on SAP Business Technology Platform, ConvergentIS Services Procurement portal is available out-of-the-box and ready for deployment.



Drop in Administrative Overhead

Less paperwork

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ConvergentIS Service Entry Sheet app tackle common issues such as lost tickets, delayed approvals, and manual entry errors?
  1. Lost Tickets:

    • The app employs a centralized and digitized system, reducing the likelihood of physical tickets getting misplaced. All data is securely stored in a centralized database for easy retrieval.
  2. Delayed Approvals:

    • Workflow automation ensures that approval processes are expedited. Notifications and alerts keep stakeholders informed about pending approvals, preventing bottlenecks and delays.
  3. Manual Entry Errors:

    • By minimizing manual data entry, the app mitigates the risk of errors. Smart forms, dropdown menus, and predefined options help in accurate and consistent data input, reducing the chances of mistake