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Complex Invoice Automation For SAP

Revolutionize your invoice management with our AI-driven automation solution, seamlessly extracting data from your most complex invoices, ensuring compatibility with your backend SAP systems, enforcing business rules, tracking progress through a dashboard interface and empowering users with intuitive tools for customization.



How It Works

Data Extraction

Pull essential details from PDF invoices, seamlessly. As soon as an invoice is uploaded, our system automatically extracts key data such as vendor and material information, setting the stage for accurate processing.

Data Matching
Correlate each piece of extracted data with its equivalent in the SAP system, automatically. This includes converting vendor names and material descriptions from invoices into their respective SAP vendor IDs and material IDs.
Automated Reconciliation
Consolidate and verify data to ensure accuracy, efficiently. Our tool uses the integrated data to create a reconciliation file, matching it against SAP purchase orders and goods receipts to finalize invoice processing.
Finalize Posting
After ensuring all details are correct, our system automatically generates a post file, essential for processing MMM invoices. This file encapsulates all required details like PO and GR item numbers, along with necessary quantities and financial figures.
Secure Attachment
Automatically consolidate and attach all relevant documentation to the SAP invoice record. This includes the reconciliation file, post file, and the original vendor PDF, ensuring that all pertinent information is easily accessible and securely stored.


In response to the challenge of managing a high volume of invoices while maintaining accuracy and efficiency, ConvergentIS offers an advanced Invoice Automation solution.

Leveraging cutting-edge AI technology, our tool efficiently extracts data from PDF invoices, even those with complex structures exceeding 3000 line items. Automated data transformation ensures seamless integration with clients' SAP systems, while standard and customizable business rules identify duplicates and validate invoice items.

Our intuitive dashboard facilitates exception management, allowing users to focus on critical tasks. With streamlined extraction, transformation, and reconciliation, invoices are swiftly posted to ERP, eliminating manual processing bottlenecks.

People Working

Ready To Deploy

Instant Implementation

Our solution is available out of the box, ensuring a quick time to go live. Start streamlining your processes without delay.

User-Friendly Design
Designed for simplicity, our platform requires no user training. Jump straight into using the tool with ease.
Broad Compatibility
Compatible with both ECC and S/4HANA systems, our tool ensures flexibility and accessibility across different SAP environments.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What BTP components are used in the invoice solution?
  • Build Process Automation
  • CAP Layer for Developments
  • Launchpad Services (Workzone Standard Edition)
  • HANA Cloud DB


  • Suncor Accurals


    By implementing the SAP Business Technology platform and ConvergentIS Procurement Gateway for Invoice to Pay solution, the company has significantly increased the efficiency of invoice processing.

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