The Guided Process Engine unlocks complex processes by providing step-by-step guidance — using lingo your users are familiar with — until their task is complete.

Whether it’s for procurement, finance or HR, make SAP transactions as easy as buying off of Amazon.


With the Guided Process engine, you can give your team a simple set of questions that reduces the complexity of policy, process, and compliance-based tasks.

The engine prompts your users to provide the necessary details, guiding them seamlessly through the entire process. The result is more accurate data and a dramatic reduction in onboarding and training time.

Built for use on ECC, SAP Cloud Platform, or on-premise deployment.


Who will benefit from this app?


  • Simplifies onboarding and reduces user training requirements.

  • Ensures clean hand-off between departments and processes by prompting users for all required (and often missed) information.

  • Promotes user application adoption by simplifying the process.

  • Reduces questions related to application usage and data entry. Eliminates common errors.

  • Empowers managers to update scripts and guidance directly; to quickly address common questions and update processes without going through an application update process.


  • Users can confidently take action without worrying about “not knowing how” to do something. They are only prompted for the information that is needed to move through the process.

  • Removes dependency on co-workers, cheat sheets, and manuals.

Additional details:

  • The results of each step (i.e. types of purchases, triggers for budget checks and responses to queries) trigger the appropriate subsequent steps.

  • Controls are provided to prevent users from proceeding without entering required information, reducing the inevitable ‘churn’ associated with missing information.

  • Where several SAP fields for a transaction can be defaulted based on responses, the script can automate it and significantly reduce the user data entry requirements.

  • The script can be modified without replacing the underlying application; allowing minor updates and clarifications to be applied as required.


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