The Guided Process add-on tool unlocks complex processes and significantly simplifies employee on-boarding and training. Companies are empowered to replace specific actions with step-by-step guidance that is customized with the terms and lingo that users are familiar with; prompting only for the specific information relevant to the current steps and actions. 

Our Guided Process add-on tool is packaged for quick installation and configuration alongside any ConvergentIS SAP Fiori application for both SAP Cloud and on-premise deployment.

Who will benefit from this app?


  • Simplifies onboarding and reduces user training requirements.

  • Ensures clean hand-off between departments and processes by prompting users for all required (and often missed) information.

  • Promotes user application adoption by simplifying the process.

  • Reduces questions related to application usage and data entry. Eliminates common errors.

  • Empowers managers to update scripts and guidance directly; to quickly address common questions and update processes without going through an application update process.


  • Empowers users by clarifying processes and instilling confidence that they won’t “mess something up”.

  • Removes dependency on cheat sheets and co-workers. (Required information only)

How it will benefit them:

  • Users are provided with a simple wizard-style interface. They are only prompted for the information that is needed to move through the process and the barriers associated with users ‘not knowing how’ can be greatly reduced.

  • The results of each step (i.e. types of purchases, triggers for budget checks and responses to queries) trigger the appropriate subsequent steps.

  • Controls are provided to prevent users from proceeding without entering required information. Reduces the inevitable ‘churn’ associated with missing information.

  • Where several SAP fields for a transaction can be defaulted based on responses, the script can automate it and significantly reduce the user data entry requirements.

  • The script can be modified without replacing the underlying application; allowing minor updates and clarifications to be applied as required.


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