Our Mobile Inventory Count app for SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA runs on the SAP Cloud Platform or on-premise with SAP Fiori. The app enables users in the warehouse or on the shop floor to mobilize an activity that historically has required paper, a re-key into SAP or an expensive third-party bolt-on solution. Enhance productivity and increase accuracy with Mobile Inventory Count for SAP Fiori and SAP Cloud Platform.


Who will benefit from this app?

Inventory Management

  • Reduce dependency on paper and clipboards

  • Reduce error rate through manual counts and data re-entry

  • Increase velocity and speed of counts using real-time validation and barcode scanning

  • Complete counts faster, minimize re-order and reduce carrying costs

  • Cut down on new user training


  • Deploy 80% faster than custom or third party non-SAP solutions

  • Reduce hardware and software spend on implementation and maintenance of third party solutions and barcode devices

How it will benefit them:

  • Mobile users can view or execute physical inventory documents on any mobile device, scan or select specific items and enter a count value

  • Upon close the document is updated and made available in SAP for comparison to expected values

  • Counting inventory is a mobile activity, enablement with a mobile app that allows counts to be completed and validated at the correct location minimizes re-entry, cuts down on data and count errors and increases the speed of counts

  • Use includes barcode or image capture functionality to accelerate lookup

  • Built directly into SAP so data visibility and entry is validated and real-time

Technical Requirements

Built for SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori Cloud and on-premise and SAP ECC (EHP5+) and Gateway 7.31+ and S/4HANA 1511+


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