We believe managers should be able to quickly and easily find key information on their team members from any device.

Team Info and Team Leave Balance for SAP Fiori has been built to do just that.




  • Access key employee information from any device

  • See contact details, performance ratings, and compensation at a glance

  • Ensure your team is managing their vacation planning in a quick report to identify exception information. Are your employees taking too much vacation? Not enough? Are they at risk for exceeding carry forward rules? Find out quickly and keep everyone in the loop without needing to maintain your own spreadsheet.

Human Resources

  • Eliminates the need to generate ad-hoc reports for managers

  • Minimizes emails and phone calls for managers to access data

  • Simplifies administration requirements at year-end


  • These apps are installed and enabled before lunch time.


  • Self-service manager applications are accessed via the SAP Fiori launchpad

  • Pulls data directly from SAP HCM and can be configured to leverage info types or vacation for time off

  • Accessible on laptops, tablets and phones


Designed for EHP7, UI5 1.38 and up. Works on S/4HANA.


Whether you’ve got some questions or want to see our apps in action, get in touch with us.

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