Make purchase requisitioning the easiest part of your job.

This tool removes the barriers that make purchase requisitioning difficult and slow.

Available off-the-shelf with the option of modifications to suit your needs, this application delivers an optimized user experience for buyers, end users, approvers and managers.


Who will benefit from this app?

Supply Chain Management

  • 90% reduction in Purchase Requisition approval process

  • Drive more spend through your financial system of record

  • Reduce overstock rate by 10%

  • Reduce carrying costs by 15%

  • Cut data entry error and rework by 50%

  • Real-time budget checks


  • Deploy 80% faster than custom or alternative solutions

  • Leverage your considerable investment in SAP

  • Use tools and technologies you know

  • No need to support costly third party integrations. This application does not just integrate to SAP—it is SAP


  • 30% reduction in time to create a Purchase Requisition

  • 50% reduction in user training

  • No more paper!

How it will benefit them:

  • Gone are the legacy SAP screens for IW51N, IW52, IW53N

  • Find existing Purchase requisitions

  • Copy from existing requistions to accelerate the process

  • Sort, search, filter materials, vendors, requsitions and so on

  • Not done? Save the in progress Purchase Requisition

  • Contextual help

  • See who approvals are with and who you are waiting on

  • Access from any device

  • Uses Fiori user interface and can be deployed on-premise or on the SAP Cloud Platform

  • Use the Guided Process Add-on for further process optimization

Technical Requirements

Built for SAP Cloud Platform, SAP Fiori Cloud and on-premise and SAP ECC (EHP5+) and Gateway 7.31+ and S/4HANA 1511+.


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