Streamline your SES process with this intuitive application for SAP Fiori.

Simply create or select a Purchase Order item to create a Service Entry Sheet against, enter your service details and attach relevant documents, and submit.

With an improved UI, your users won’t require any SAP knowledge to use this application. Your organization will also enjoy improved financial accuracy, timely payments, and an expedited process for high volume SES.


Application features

  • When a Service Entry Sheet is created with the application, the vendor is presented with a list of the purchase order items that they can submit against. There are configuration options to control which PO/Line Items are made visible.

  • Standard Service Entry Sheet fields are available for display and data entry by the user. Standard application extension points are provided (and documented) to suppress fields that are not required or add fields that are needed. 

  • Both Planned Services (as itemized under Service Items in a PO Line Item) and Unplanned Services (as indicated by Limits on the PO Line Item) can be entered on the Service Entry Sheet.

  • Workday field on item is configurable to be displayed or hidden. When the workday is hidden from app, then the date will default to the last day in the specified period i.e. period end day. 

  • Overall progress and remaining capacity on each Services Item is displayed for easy reference as a bar graph.    

Technical Requirements

Designed for EHP7, UI5 1.38 and up. Works on S/4HANA.

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