SAP Fiori delivers a personalized, role-based user experience (UX) for SAP software.

Using modern design principles, it simplifies the UX across all lines of business, tasks, and devices – to reflect the way you actually work throughout your day.

SAP Fiori enables multiple device applications that allow users to start a process on their desktop/laptops and to continue that process on a smartphone or on a tablet.

The best part? The SAP Fiori interface makes workflows so intuitive, it reduces training time.


Why our apps instead of the ones direct from SAP?

While there are many great out-of-the-box solutions that can be purchased directly from SAP (or are available for free to SAP customers who pay maintenance), it’s nearly impossible to have an app that suits every unique business need.

Our apps have been designed to fill common gaps between the needs of our users and existing solutions. We’ve identified those needs through working with our clients on co-innovations and through Design Thinking workshops.

Plus, all of our apps can be configured and extended to suit your organization’s needs.

Can I purchase one of your apps if I don’t have SAP Fiori?

We love your enthusiasm! Though we would love for everyone to have our apps to simplify their work, we specialize in making SAP easy to use. But don’t worry, we also make SAP Fiori launchpad implementation easy, too! We are happy to set you up — how about a free trial to get you started?

How easy is it to install one of your apps?

Most of our apps can be deployed before lunchtime. They’re packaged just like a regular SAP Fiori app — just download and install. (We also provide simple step-by-step instructions)

Without a doubt, we picked the right implementation partner. We are really impressed with the quality of work.


Our Apps for SAP Fiori


Cycle Count

Fiori app for cycle or inventory counts. Optional barcode support.

Fiori Analytics

See visualizations and real-time usage metrics on all your SAP Fiori applications.

Goods Receipt, Issue, and Transfer Posting

Mobilize and simplify your inventory management. Optional barcode support.


Guided Process Engine

Give your team a simple set of questions that reduces the complexity of policy, process, and compliance-based tasks.

My Employment Letter

Self-service letter confirming employment details. Available on-demand from any device.

My Personal Information

Self-service app for HR updates to personal information.


My Tax Forms

Give your team a simple set of questions that reduces the complexity of policy, process, and compliance-based tasks.

Service Entry Sheets

Allows external vendors to directly submit their services for approval.

Simplified Requisitioning

Delivers an optimized user experience for buyers, end users, approvers and managers.


Team Info and Team Leave Balance

Allows manager access of key employee details from any device.

My Time Entry and Time Reporting (Legacy CADO)

Enhanced user interface and experience for time entry in SAP.


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