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Canada Postal Service Customer Success Story


IT provider for postal services

An Information Technology shared services provider for a postal service provider in Canada.




The project aims to transition custom applications from SAP ECC to BTP as part of the move to S/4, streamlining order-to-cash processes and maintaining a clean core system.

Stay tuned ... deployment scheduled for August.

  • 01 Project Information
  • 02 The Challenge
  • 03 The Solution
  • 04 The Results


A multinational company specializing in consumer goods embarked on a project to streamline its order-to-cash (OTC) process. Initially implemented on SAP ECC, the company now sought to transition its OTC custom applications to SAP S/4HANA, leveraging the capabilities of the Business Technology Platform (BTP).

The primary objective was to enhance efficiency and maintain a clean core system architecture while migrating to the latest SAP technology.

The Challenge

The company faced significant hurdles in transitioning from SAP ECC to SAP S/4HANA, primarily due to the integration of custom applications within the ECC environment. This migration necessitated meticulous planning to maintain operational continuity while ensuring seamless functionality post-transition. Central to the challenge was the task of migrating these custom order-to-cash (OTC) applications onto the Business Technology Platform (BTP) without jeopardizing the integrity of the core system.

Recognizing the complexity of the transition and the need for specialized expertise, the company sought assistance from a trusted advisor proficient in core system maintenance and experienced in various integration patterns within SAP BTP. As the company lacked in-house knowledge and required business consulting support, the specialized partner stepped in to provide guidance and facilitate a smooth migration process.

The Solution

To enhance their competitiveness in the ecommerce and postal services sector, the customer aimed to upgrade their operations and expand their reach, particularly targeting major clients like UPS and Purolator. To achieve this, a suite of applications was proposed in a presentation, aiming to establish a more scalable architecture, extend application accessibility across Innovapost and its various locations, and ultimately drive revenue growth. Our objective encompassed evaluating hosting options for custom applications, identifying immediate development needs, and selecting the appropriate platform for application development.

Based on our analysis, we recommended leveraging SAP Hybrid Applications for critical functions such as Accurate Network Cut Off Time (ANCOT), Product Master Application, Induction Location Management, Manifest (VFE), Data Entry Box (DEB), PO Box Booking Application, Business Reply Mail (BRM), and Cheque Payment Processing. Additionally, we proposed utilizing the BTP Launchpad Standard for seamless access to MyTransactions, aligning with the customer's objectives of scalability, functionality, and revenue enhancement.

The Results

We are still waiting to see the results.

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“Easy to work with. Quick to understand our needs and requirements and then translate that into solid design.”
ManagerFinance Process Improvements and Controls at a postal operator in Canada

Why ConvergentIS?

Our team comes from a variety of different operational backgrounds, meaning we understand how people work. We recognize SAP S/4HANA as an out-of-the-box solution that has successfully solved business problems across several industries. But we realize some work processes are still challenging to learn with so many capabilities available in SAP.  

Leveraging the SAP design methodology, we have co-innovated with organizations to build solutions that match the way they work. Since many teams face the same problems, we packaged them and made them available as an out-of-the-box application. This means your business still receives many of the benefits of a tailored application without the cost of a custom solution.

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