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Intake Management For SAP

Introducing The Only SAP BTP-Based Solution For Intake Management And Orchestration

With ConvergentIS Intake Management, streamline procurement by creating a unified access point for all organizational purchases. Our platform's intuitive design guarantees widespread adoption of purchasing policies, seamlessly integrating spend controls into daily routines. We prioritize a smooth, user-friendly experience to ensure successful and effortless implementation.


Strategically Manage Spending from the Start

With ConvergentIS Intake Management, channel every purchase request through one streamlined system for immediate insight into future expenditures. 

This foresight allows you to tailor requirements and negotiate better deals upfront. Our solution is designed to empower you with strategic spend management, ensuring you're always a step ahead.

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Customizable Workflows

Organizations can customize procurement workflows to match their specific policies and requirements. For example, they can configure different approval levels based on the value or type of procurement request, ensuring compliance with internal protocols.

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Unified Procurement Gateway

Our platform acts as a single point of engagement for employees, making procurement tasks straightforward and coordinated. By centralizing all procurement-related activities, we ensure a seamless experience from beginning to end.

Intuitive Process with Comprehensive Tracking

Navigate procurement with guided simplicity. Casual users are effortlessly led through even the most complex procurement tasks with intuitive questions, while our holistic analytics approach provides complete visibility into all procurement activities, keeping you fully informed.

Dramatic Efficiency Gains

Transform your procurement with 7X faster requisition approvals and the quick integration of hundreds of employees. Achieve substantial cost savings through enhanced compliance, streamlining your organization’s procurement and paving the way for significant efficiency improvements.


Comprehensive Request Management

The system logs all procurement requests and tracks their progress through various stages. For instance, users can see if a request is awaiting approval, in progress, or completed, along with details of previous conversations and decisions made.

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30-50% Cost Savings from Improved Operations
75% Reduction in administration efforts
7X faster productivity in procurement workflows


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    Straumann, a global leader in dental solutions, faced challenges with their outdated and inflexible purchase requisition system. The older solution became unsupported, leading to limited adoption and a lack of flexibility for users when creating purchase requisitions. 

    The ConvergentIS Intake Management solution provided Straumann with the much-needed flexibility to meet their specific requirements across different countries and processes.  And with language support for English, French, German, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, and Japanese.

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    Halton Region, a municipality in Ontario, Canada wanted to introduce SAP requisitioning to automate and streamline outdated paper-based purchasing processes to meet requirements of a new purchasing bylaw.

    Successful roll-out of a guided purchasing application, ConvergentIS Intake Management went out to 500 unionized staff with no training required, leading to an 85% reduction in requisition approval times.
Frequently Asked Questions
Isn't this like SAP Ariba Guided Buying? Our solutions are intended to compliment to SAP Ariba Guided Buying. ConvergentIS Intake Management solution effectively comes before Guided Buying as part of your larger procurement process.

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